In his 45-year career, from the small studio where he learned to sew in France to the big shows at the biggest fashion events in the world, stylist Valentino Garavani has established a personal brand that has always ignored the trends of the occasion. At his side, during all this time, was Giancarlo Giammetti, his partner, confidant and lover. uk online casino
The documentary draws an intimate portrait of Valentino, meeting him in his mansion in the United Kingdom in the period between the celebration of his 70th birthday and the parade that marked his farewell to the catwalks. best online casino NZ
The film documents a year of work, concerts, business changes and important decisions in the life of legendary Italian fashion designer Valentino Garavani, who started his career in fashion in 1950 as a teenager. online casino south africa Taking turns between Paris, Rome and Venice, Valentino was always in search of beauty.
On the day when Iranian Abbas Kiarostami showed, out of competition, the long-awaited Shirin, with Juliette Binoche, and Japanese Takeshi Kitano brought the favorite Achilles and the Tortoise to the competition, the Venice Festival's attentions were not unfocused in the documentary of the section "Orizzonti Eventi", which presented Valentino, The Last Emperor, by Matt Tyrnauer. The couturier, who attended the screening, spoke to us. online casino india
Valentino, The Last Emperor is the first film about the life of the Italian couturier and is the result of the two and a half years in which Tyrnauer, American journalist special envoy of Vanity Fair, lived daily with Valentino Garavani and Giancarlo Giammetti, his partner and companion for the past 40 years. betting companies in ghana The film follows the lines of the biographical book that the American had already signed about Valentino, a name that is a mark of excellence made in italy and which the festival was able to capitalize on. The documentary results from the editing of over 250 hours of filmed material, hundreds of statements and testimonies by Valentino's collaborators, and is filled with moments of great daily intimacy, partly revealed with irony by his partner and partner. betting sites in kenya
An exhibition of intimacy that, as the couturier confessed to DN, "wasn't easy. The film was all made in the moments of my creativity, when I was drawing, painting, and I wasn't used to it... it's a difficult feeling to describe... . casas de apostas (PT) "Valentino, The Last Emperor is therefore an intimate portrait, which looks at the 45-year career of the seamstress. "A film that forces me to expose not only what I've been able to create and do for 45 years, but also my character, at times stormy, aggressive - at other times calm and in love with this profession - and the sense of my collaboration with Giancarlo", also confessed Valentino to DN, adding, proudly, that he believes that "this is a film for Venice". casas de apostas brasileiras (BR)
But the documentary's interest is also in the opportunity for its premiere, at a time when the Valentino house has just been ceded to the British group Permira, directed by creator Alessandra Facchinetti, the new fad in Italian fashion. casinos online portugal (PT) "It is without a doubt a very difficult moment for me, now that I am just a spectator and, of course, I am looking very closely at the next collection, which will already be the result of Alessandra Facchinetti's creativity. But it is always my name that continues." What then defines the look that gives rise to a fashion signature, which survives the time of its creator's activity? "It's like in the cinema", the Italian replies: "The artist's gaze. A dress, if it's a unique creation, is like a painting, a film, or another work of art. I feel like an artist, and mine models have always been the result of my creativity." best online casino canada
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